Spring Time in Florida

For the rest of the country, spring has arrived. In Florida, spring was two weeks at the end of March, and now summer is here. It's hot already and only going to get more so. I like the heat. I have lived here in Florida since 1973, so I am used to it, but even I can get overheated when the temps … Read more about Spring Time in Florida

Working With SaraCare in Melbourne

In the past year or so, I have begun working at the SarahCare center in Melbourne, Fl. I met the owners of SarahCare a few years ago, and from time to time I would visit the center and keep in touch. I enjoy them and I really enjoy meeting all of the good people who come there each day. As of last … Read more about Working With SaraCare in Melbourne

How To Cope With Stress

This quarantine has been stressful for many people. It is especially so for me for two reasons. The first is, I am self-employed, so, not working with my clients means I make no income. Secondly,  because I am so used to working with people all day, every day. I am experiencing a people … Read more about How To Cope With Stress

Finding Your Dream Home: Important Advice for Homebuyers with Disabilities

Once again we have a post by our guest writer Harry Cline with sage advice, this time for people with disabilities and how they can ensure the purchase of just the right home:  No matter what your circumstances, your home should be convenient for you and supportive of your lifestyle. When … Read more about Finding Your Dream Home: Important Advice for Homebuyers with Disabilities

Massage, Kangen Water and Medication Management

    I have written here several times about becoming a Caretaker for my aging Mom. In case you haven't read the previous posts, let me fill you in a bit. Around 2002 she moved from my house into an apartment in Vero Beach and for the first time in her entire life, she was on … Read more about Massage, Kangen Water and Medication Management

Massage & Exercise for Lymphedema

I first heard of lymphedema when I worked on a surgical floor at a hospital. I asked the nurse what she taught the patients about when they were about to undergo a mastectomy. She explained to me that there were side effects from having lymph vessels removed. That was the first time I heard of … Read more about Massage & Exercise for Lymphedema

More About Mom’s Healing Journey

As we have mentioned before, my sisters and I have been caring for our 87 year old Mother. She is having trouble with her heart. The good news about modern meds and heart issues is there are medicines that can prolong our life in spite of the fact that our heart or kidney s are damaged. The side … Read more about More About Mom’s Healing Journey


As my massage clients aged, I wanted to have a way to continue my relationships with them, and often times they required more than exercise and massages, so I got my CNA license. Since then I divide my time between massage therapy, personal training and caretaking for seniors. I love each of these … Read more about Caretaking

Recovering from Surgery

For those of us with living with or taking care of elderly parents, the day will arrive when we have to deal with hospitalization. People in the late 80’s and mid 90’s tend to have medical issues which can often involve a stay in the hospital. Often times it is a fall, and a broken bone which is the … Read more about Recovering from Surgery

Massage, the Ultimate Medicine

When I arrived at the home of an elderly friend I work on she was sitting in her La-Z-Boy chair, looking pitiful. I said are you feeling ok today? She said I woke up feeling horrible today. I asked if she took her meds on time and had she checked her blood pressure today. She verified that she had. … Read more about Massage, the Ultimate Medicine