Introducing Deb Arthur

  My sister, Cindy, owns a webdesign and social medial business which is aptly named She has several issues with her back and as she gets older, things are getting more painful for her. I work with her every couple of weeks and keep her going, until it gets really bad and she … Read more about Introducing Deb Arthur

Massage for Pain Relief

I have two sisters and a brother. They all suffer from various back ailments and when they hurt, I help. My oldest sister has chronic sciatica and some bad discs in her lower back. She sometimes has so much pain and stiffness that she can only walk a few feet at a time. Because she likes to be … Read more about Massage for Pain Relief

Relief from Lower Back Pain

As a massage therapists, my clients sometimes have me on a retainer, so most of them are actually receiving preventative care against aches and pains. They also seem to be the people who regularly exercise and take care of themselves better. … Read more about Relief from Lower Back Pain

Massage Therapy & Cancer

Over the past 30 years I have seen my profession evolve and gain the respect of the medical community. Massage can help your muscles relax, release built up toxins in your body, and just make you feel relaxed. There have also been studies which show that massage can be beneficial for cancer … Read more about Massage Therapy & Cancer

Massage Therapy For Athletes

I have set up my massage table at more than one marathon or Tri-Athalon in Florida. When athletes push them selves to the limit, their muscles can be overloaded with lactic acid and other toxins. The benefits of stretching, and then recieving a massage directly after these types of events are well … Read more about Massage Therapy For Athletes

Personal Training Tools

Resistance and weight training are just as important to our overall well-being as Aerobic forms of exercise. As someone who has been in the Holistic side of the wellness industry for over 30 years now, I know for a fact the men and women who age well are those who have eaten wisely and exercised … Read more about Personal Training Tools