Valentina, Massage Therapist

I love being a massage therapist. Massage therapy has been my career for many years now, and it never fails that I learn something new. I am an independent practitioner. My clients do not always purchase monthly packages in advance with set appointment times. There are times when people see me … Read more about Valentina, Massage Therapist

What God Puts In Front Of Me

I had a wise friend who once told me, " I do what God puts in front of me, Val".  I have often felt like my life and my work was my own personal ministry. I look for signs of what I should be learning that day, and I try to notice the God nudge. That is how I describe the sensation I get that … Read more about What God Puts In Front Of Me

What Makes Us Human?

Margaret Mead was a famous anthropologist. She is most well-known for studying human behavior. In her studies, she noted the plasticity of human nature and the variability of social customs. ... Mead's famous theory of imprinting found that children learn by watching adult behavior. I … Read more about What Makes Us Human?

Massage Therapist, Caregiver

  Whenever someone has a career which spans multiple decades, they are bound to have things change and evolve over those years. Some of my  clients have been with me for all of those three decades. Others come and go, and then there are new clients who hear about me from the others. … Read more about Massage Therapist, Caregiver

The Road Not Taken

When I was in my late teens, I had NO earthly idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had smarts, I had talents, ambition, drive and energy, just no direction. My Mom said, look child, there are no free rides here, so this is what you are going to do until you figure things out. She signed me up … Read more about The Road Not Taken

Caregiving for Momma

It's dark, I am wandering down a hallway , I am cold and the floor is icy slippery.  Suddenly, I am accosted and thrown into a room where I am forced to fight off these mutable demons that are lashing  out at me. I raise my sword to fight them off, but it's heavy and I can hardly lift it. … Read more about Caregiving for Momma

A New Stage

I am a caregiver for a dear old friend I have known my whole massage career which  began in 1986. To call her a control freak would be polite. She has always accomplished  her goals because of  her systematic planning. This lady wants things done in a particular way and she wants them … Read more about A New Stage

Personal Training Tools

Resistance and weight training are just as important to our overall well-being as Aerobic forms of exercise. As someone who has been in the Holistic side of the wellness industry for over 30 years now, I know for a fact the men and women who age well are those who have eaten wisely and exercised … Read more about Personal Training Tools

Good Bye Glo

  Good bye Glo One of the benefits of being a self employed massage therapist  is that I can pick and choose who I want to work on. The result of that freedom is I have clients that I have been with for years,  and with whom I share profound respect and friendship. One of these special … Read more about Good Bye Glo

Cancer Recovery with Soul Mind Body Medicine

 By Marsha Valutis, PhD Guest Blogger   Marsha’s doctorate is in applied psychology. In 2010 she recovered from stage IV lymphoma using Soul Mind Body Medicine and Soul Power, and attributes her good health and well being to these practices. The year was 2009 and it hadn’t been a good … Read more about Cancer Recovery with Soul Mind Body Medicine