It Is Important to Exercise

Over the past few years, I have managed to gain some weight. Bbecause I weigh more than I used to, people tend to think I don't exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth. I do some form of exercise pretty much every day. In my current situation as a primary caregiver, my time is more … Read more about It Is Important to Exercise

I Don’t Need to Exercise Any More Because I am Old.

Just because you are getting older, that's not an excuse NOT to exercise. In fact, it's almost more important that you get regular exercise as you age. It's helps your circulation, it keeps your muscles strong and it's great for your brain. If you don't believe me, read this from Web … Read more about I Don’t Need to Exercise Any More Because I am Old.

The Golden Years

If you ask some people, the Golden Years are not always all that golden. And yet, for most of the seniors I work with and work on, life seems to hold a little more joy than for people my own age. Even I, who am not yet officially a senior citizen, am at times much happier than I was when I was … Read more about The Golden Years

Reversing Physical Problems Through Qigong

  I received a call from a concerned daughter about her Dad. She explained that her father was in a Rehab facility in order to help him regain strength after an illness. In addition to the symptoms of CHF , ( swelling of limbs) he was also showing signs of structural collapse. … Read more about Reversing Physical Problems Through Qigong

Star Wars and Martial Arts

I watched a Star Wars special where Luke Skywalker himself was explaining how those great fight scenes with Light Sabers came about. From the Star Wars creator George Lucas himself, I learned that he used Kendo as the basis for all the fight scenes with Light Sabers. Kendo is a form of martial … Read more about Star Wars and Martial Arts

Yoga and Meditation

  Did you know there is something you can do every day which will  improve your brain's ability to retain information? It's true. No appointment needed. It's yoga. Many aspects of yoga have been proven to increase brain function and memory. Yoga stretches your body, it helps you to … Read more about Yoga and Meditation

Massage Therapy Brevard County

I, Valentina Boonstra, have been helping people relieve stress and reduce their pain through massage therapy for almost 30 years now. What I know from working on bodies is when people get up from my massage table, they are relaxed, their pain is gone. Massage is known to aid the body in healing … Read more about Massage Therapy Brevard County

Massage Therapy For Athletes

I have set up my massage table at more than one marathon or Tri-Athalon in Florida. When athletes push them selves to the limit, their muscles can be overloaded with lactic acid and other toxins. The benefits of stretching, and then recieving a massage directly after these types of events are well … Read more about Massage Therapy For Athletes

Exercise and Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

As a trained Pilates Instructor, a Licensed Massaged Therapist and CNA, I know first had the benefits of exercise.I first began investigating the benefits of exercise as a means to help my regular massage clients live a more pain free life. Through that journey I have learned that it is not that … Read more about Exercise and Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

Having a Vital Heart

Have you ever noticed how the movement of your fingers and hands relates to your shoulders and chest? The neck and shoulder, arm, hand and fingers all play a role in a balanced and vital heart. There are many different aspects in creating a healthy heart. Believe it or not flexibility and … Read more about Having a Vital Heart