Yoga For Anxiety and Depression

Featured Image by Justyn Warner from Unsplash As an alternative health practitioner, I am always on the hunt for methods to help my clients with stress, anxiety, injury prevention and pain relief. I know from my own practice that regular massage is helpful for each of these things, and can even … Read more about Yoga For Anxiety and Depression

Massage and Pilates

Massage and Pilates, what does one have to do with the other? While it may seem as though they have nothing in common, let me present you with these words and we will proceed from there. One relieves pain and the other helps to prevent injury in the first place. During my career as a masseuse, I … Read more about Massage and Pilates

The Correct Way To Handle a Neck Spasm

 Mom I'm in pain! I was listening to my daughter who lives hours away ,she was crying into the phone. The pain was unrelenting and she decided to go to a massage place to see if they could help. Unfortunately she fell into the hands of someone who did not  have experience in carefully … Read more about The Correct Way To Handle a Neck Spasm

Massage Therapy and Exercise for Pain Relief

The majority of my massage business is out calls. I go to people's homes with my own massage table to work on them.  The advantages of doing house calls is that it provides me with information about their lifestyles.  When I start working with a new client I make it a point to observe … Read more about Massage Therapy and Exercise for Pain Relief

Fixing Ourselves

I was taking a walk down memory lane looking at some old photographs. It's funny how people take so many pictures now and back in the day that just wasn't the case or maybe it was just my parents that wasn't the case with I don't know. I found a photo of myself wearing a beautiful dress my mother … Read more about Fixing Ourselves

What Burns More Calories Than Running

I am not a runner. I am a walker. I walk every day, sometimes as exercise and others just as part of a busy life. I also work out regularly, but until very recently, my suspicions that the right type of weight training will burn more calories than running were only that, my own suspicions. I … Read more about What Burns More Calories Than Running

Exercise Helps With Depression

Exercise and massage can help people with depression. For some it is the only way to keep depression at bay. I am not advocating that those who are on medication stop taking the prescriptions, I am saying that even if you are on medication, exercise can help keep depression from overtaking your … Read more about Exercise Helps With Depression

Massage Therapy Brevard County

I, Valentina Boonstra, have been helping people relieve stress and reduce their pain through massage therapy for almost 30 years now. What I know from working on bodies is when people get up from my massage table, they are relaxed, their pain is gone. Massage is known to aid the body in healing … Read more about Massage Therapy Brevard County

Body Balance and Massage Therapy

Baby Boomers, or those 65 years and older, are becoming the largest population on our planet. As these Baby Boomers age, there comes many unique changes in the human body, some of which are specific to each individual. Injuries occurring from falls  are one of the most serious issues facing the … Read more about Body Balance and Massage Therapy

Water Walking for Good Health

The months of summer allow for flow and ease when we coordinate our energies with the energy of the sun. Though more intense in the summer , the sun can bring enlivening exercises and energies to us and our bodies that are not available during the fall and winter months. Capitalizing on the ebb and … Read more about Water Walking for Good Health

Coping with the Economic Crisis!!

Squatting in Style Coping During this Economic Crisis Part I I have often joked with my friends that I should write a book about squatting in style; I believe it’s a tongue in cheek double entendre. I love to exercise and squatting is one of the fundamentals of exercise, but it also refers to … Read more about Coping with the Economic Crisis!!