Massage Therapy After Exercise

Whether you are just getting back into a regular exercise program, or you are preparing to run a marathon, massage therapy can be another tool in your health toolbox. Studies have shown that getting a massage after exercise can help by reducing the tensions in your muscles and it also decreases the … Read more about Massage Therapy After Exercise

The Correct Way To Handle a Neck Spasm

 Mom I'm in pain! I was listening to my daughter who lives hours away ,she was crying into the phone. The pain was unrelenting and she decided to go to a massage place to see if they could help. Unfortunately she fell into the hands of someone who did not  have experience in carefully … Read more about The Correct Way To Handle a Neck Spasm

Fixing Ourselves

I was taking a walk down memory lane looking at some old photographs. It's funny how people take so many pictures now and back in the day that just wasn't the case or maybe it was just my parents that wasn't the case with I don't know. I found a photo of myself wearing a beautiful dress my mother … Read more about Fixing Ourselves

The Gift of Massage

Massage as a gift. How lovely is that? I don't know of too many other professions where the actual work you do can be given as a gift. Every so often, not just on Valentine's day, some sweet person will call me and ask that I give a massage to their loved one. Sometimes it's a wife calling to get … Read more about The Gift of Massage

Massage Therapy Brevard County

I, Valentina Boonstra, have been helping people relieve stress and reduce their pain through massage therapy for almost 30 years now. What I know from working on bodies is when people get up from my massage table, they are relaxed, their pain is gone. Massage is known to aid the body in healing … Read more about Massage Therapy Brevard County

Good Food for Good Health

As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to eat well and stay healthy. As a self employed business owner, I am also pretty busy moving between appointments and sometimes it is difficult to eat healthy on the run. This recipe is something I feel like I can … Read more about Good Food for Good Health

The Magic of Touch

It has been noted in study after study that the magic of touch is vital to all living things, and we humans need it most of all. One of the most beneficial types of touch is Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy has been in existence as long as mankind has walked the earth. From the esoteric to the … Read more about The Magic of Touch

Exercise Alternatives for Seniors and the Injured

If you need to exercise, but you have had an injury, Tai Chi or Qui Gong can both be excellent forms of exercise for you. It will involve whole body movement, but in a very controlled and gentle way. This is just one sample of how you can build core strength and flexibility, while burning … Read more about Exercise Alternatives for Seniors and the Injured