Moving With Chronic Pain

I have several clients who live with daily chronic pain. They take very little, if any medication and I do my best to help them keep moving despite the pain. … Read more about Moving With Chronic Pain

Flexibility and Movement Class

I am excited to report the results of our last workshop to increase flexibility and movement. I recently enjoyed seeing a dear long-term client for her massage appointment. She thanked me for our workshop and told me she kept practicing the exercises she remembered. When I worked on her neck, her … Read more about Flexibility and Movement Class

Massage Therapy Helps With Anxiety?

The Touch Research Institute, located in the University of Miami School of Medicine, conducted a study with over  500  subjects of all ages with a documented  history of depression/anxiety. During the study, each of the subjects had their cortisol (stress hormone) levels measured … Read more about Massage Therapy Helps With Anxiety?

What Burns More Calories Than Running

I am not a runner. I am a walker. I walk every day, sometimes as exercise and others just as part of a busy life. I also work out regularly, but until very recently, my suspicions that the right type of weight training will burn more calories than running were only that, my own suspicions. I … Read more about What Burns More Calories Than Running

Infant Massage

Just as I was completing Massage school, a class became available for infant massage. As I had several friends at the time  who were having pregnant, I decided to take the class. I felt if massage can be beneficial to adults, it must be good for babies as well. I knew how deeply touch could affect … Read more about Infant Massage