What Burns More Calories Than Running

I am not a runner. I am a walker. I walk every day, sometimes as exercise and others just as part of a busy life. I also work out regularly, but until very recently, my suspicions that the right type of weight training will burn more calories than running were only that, my own suspicions. I … Read more about What Burns More Calories Than Running

Meatless Meal

My nutritionist has been encouraging me to eat less meat and add more veggies to my daily eating plan. That is not something I have a problem with because I just love vegetables.Growing up,my parents had gardens, and as children my siblings and I would go out and pick fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and … Read more about Meatless Meal

Good Food for Good Health

As a massage therapist and personal trainer, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to eat well and stay healthy. As a self employed business owner, I am also pretty busy moving between appointments and sometimes it is difficult to eat healthy on the run. This recipe is something I feel like I can … Read more about Good Food for Good Health

The Magic of Touch

It has been noted in study after study that the magic of touch is vital to all living things, and we humans need it most of all. One of the most beneficial types of touch is Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy has been in existence as long as mankind has walked the earth. From the esoteric to the … Read more about The Magic of Touch